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The mission of Women in Technology Wisconsin is to attract, grow and retain women of all ages in technology-related careers.

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WIT@Work focuses on technology professionals and those interested in technology careers. We offer Networking and support in a safe environment to provide education, awareness & collaboration with the result of retaining professionals in technology-focused careers. 

More than 300 technology professionals have joined as members of WIT Wisconsin, for information on how to do this, see the "members" tab.

See "events" tab for information on how to register for upcoming events.

To join the mentoring program, click here.

WIT4Girls is designed to excite, inspire and engage young women with technology. Through positive female mentorship, WIT4Girls helps girls see how their innovative ideas can lead to limitless opportunities technology careers.

WIT4Girls has built a re-usable curriculum to help spread the word. Girls from many Fox Valley school districts have participated in the WIT4Girls Club and the Girls Who Code Club.

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WITonCampus mission is to empower a strong community of women who support each other. Through self-exploration we encourage women to enhance their personal and professional skills.

WITonCampus clubs are student organizations designed to give women pursuing any career an opportunity to discover the careers available in technology. 

WITonCampus's Professional Connection Program supports female college students in exploring technology career opportunities.  A professional is paired with a student for three months and they work together to accomplish a goal set by the student.  To sign up, click below:

For Professionals - Click HERE to sign up

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